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Monat – How I Use It

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Monat Hair

Learn more about the Science of Monat by clicking HERE


NO sulfatesNO DEAMEANO PhthalatesNO PEGNO PhenoxyethanolNO EthanolNO Petrochemicals (2)


  1. Use a nickel size amount of the Revive Shampoo to wash hair. I concentrate on my scalp. It will not lather the 1st time – and it feels like it’s not ‘doing’ anything. It’s ok. It is working. Leave it in for about 1 minute.
  2. Rinse
  3. Repeat the 1st step. This time, the Revive Shampoo will produce more bubbles like you are used to. Once again, leave it in for about a minute.
  4. Rinse


  1. Condition with a nickel size dollop of the Revitalize Conditioner. 
  2. Rinse thoroughly.


  1. After I have towel dried my hair and it is not dripping/soaking wet, I add 2-3 pumps of the Restore Leave In Conditioner to my ends. I brush my hair out. Starting from the bottom, working my way to the top.


  1. Shake the Reshape Root Lifter.
  2.  I lift up the top sections of my hair and spray the Reshape Root Lifter there at the roots. It comes out as a fine mist.


NO sulfatesNO DEAMEANO PhthalatesNO PEGNO PhenoxyethanolNO EthanolNO Petrochemicals (3)

Replenish Masque – I tend to wash my hair once or twice a week now that I am using Monat. (Compared to every single day with other brands because my hair would become greasy and flat within 24 hours) Not with Monat! I use the mask once every couple weeks.

How I use the Replenish Masque:

  1. Wash my hair as normal with Monat Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly
  2. Smooth on the Replenish Masque – Pretend you are making a ponytail  – and swipe the masque down from that section of hair down to your ends.
  3. Leave it in for 5-10 minutes
  4. BEFORE rinsing it out, Get a nickel size amount of the Revitalize Conditioner and use it on the same area but really just concentrating on the ends. I know it sounds odd to use a masque and then add a conditioner on top of it, but just trust me on this one.
  5. Rinse thoroughly

‘The Champ’ Dry Shampoo: Make sure to shake the bottle before you use. After a day or two of not washing my hair, it needs a little ‘pick me up.’ Day 2-3 I will have a few areas that may be a little flat from sleeping on. So those are places I will spray The Champ dry shampoo – then I fluff my hair with my hands and/or brush it and style as I normally would.




NO sulfatesNO DEAMEANO PhthalatesNO PEGNO PhenoxyethanolNO EthanolNO Petrochemicals (1)

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